Protecting Uplands & Rural Environments


The Pure Mile

‘The PURE Mile’ is an environmental initiative of the PURE (Protecting Uplands and Rural Environments) project which aims to foster a greater appreciation and awareness of our country roadscapes by rewarding and acknowledging local community efforts. This can be achieved through keeping a mile stretch of road (approx. 1.6 km), and the immediate environment litter/rubbish free, while simultaneously considering the preservation and careful maintenance of the flora and fauna, ditches, hedge-rows, and any other natural or man made features of the area.

The simple act of clipping back a hedgerow on a dangerous bend, repairing or painting traditional gates, retaining stone walls and stiles in good condition, identifying heritage features, and the regular picking up of litter and rubbish will benefit both local people and the local environment. In all cases sensitive and minimal intervention is encouraged. In Miles where very little physical management is required, groups can focus on local research, or on initiatives to increase awareness and appreciation of their area among the local community.

The Wicklow Heritage Forum is currently archiving some of the areas who participated in the Pure Mile Competition. Information and photos on past entries can be found on

The PURE Mile is open to all community and local groups, existing and new, e.g.

•  A group of people living along the mile or in the area

•  A community Group or residents group involved, or thinking of becoming involved in the Green Communities

•  A Fás or Rural Social Scheme group

•  Primary or Secondary School Students – as part of a class project

•  Special Interest Groups, i.e., walking groups, cycling groups, etc. Why not adopt a Mile in the uplands and enter the competition

•  Remember, it only takes one person to get things going and all of the work can be completed after entering the competition

There are six awards involved in the competition:  Best Pure Mile (Overall Award) – Best Litter Free Mile – Best Community Effort – Best Education Award – Best Natural Heritage Mile – Best Built Heritage Mile

There is over €3,000 worth of prize money to be won and all entries will feature in the PURE Mile Calendar.

Click on the below link to download a PURE Mile Information Booklet and Application Form

You can also request a PURE Mile Information Booklet and Application Form by emailing PURE at or phone 0404 45547 or write to the below address;

PURE Project, Wicklow Mountains National Park, Kilafin, Laragh, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Applicants are confined to, local primary, local secondary or local tertiary roads.

Closing date for return of applications is on or before 20th December 2013

The Awards ceremony for the 2013 PURE Mile Competition was held at the Brooklodge Hotel on 11th September 2013. All participants received a PURE Mile certificate.  There were six awards presented on the night with cash prizes totalling €3,250. Awards and certificates were presented by Mr. Fergus O’ Dowd, T. D., Minister of State, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, and Cathaoirleach Jimmy O’ Shaughnessy.

2013 PURE Mile Awards

The Best PURE Mile and a cheque for €1,000 was awarded to Ballinamanogue/Mullins Pure Mile for all of their achievements, work and effort on their mile stretch of road.

Castletimon Pure Mile received the Special Mention Award and a cheque for €750.

Other winners on the night received a cheque of €250 and an award certificate.

In acknowledgment for all of their efforts in keeping Ashford litter free, the Ashford Pure Mile received the Best Litter Free Mile Award.

The award for Best Community Effort went to Annacurra Pure Mile for all of their community spirit and work throughout the year.

Best Education was awarded to the Knockananna Pure Mile for all of their work in creating awareness on all aspects of their Pure Mile, to the local primary school, local children and to all of the people who live in the area.

The Best Natural Heritage Award went to the Macreddin Pure Mile for both researching and listing all of the edible wild flowers on their mile and also providing a great insight into past place names of their area.

Blessington Pure Mile was awarded with Best Cultural Heritage for both their research into the many cultural features along the pure mile and the leaflet and map that accompanied this information.

Below is a list of the communities that participated in the 2013 PURE Mile:

Annacurra Pure Mile, Annamoe Pure Mile, Arklow Boating Lake Pure Mile, Ashford Pure Mile, Ballycurragh Pure Mile Askanagap, Ballinamanogue/Mullins Pure Mile, Ballycoog Pure Mile, Ballyguile More / Greenhill Road, Blessington Pure Mile, Bog Meadow Pure Mile Enniskerry, Castletimon Pure Mile, Glendalough Pure Mile, Knockananna Pure Mile, Macreddin Pure Mile

2012 PURE Mile Awards

The Best PURE Mile: Crossbridge PURE Mile and Ballymanus PURE Mile

The Best Litter Free Mile: Brittas PURE Mile

The Best Natural Heritage: Wicklow Head PURE Mile

Best Built Heritage Mile: Derralossary Old Town PURE Mile (Roundwood)

Best Community Effort: Killinure PURE Mile

The Best Education: Brittas PURE Mile

Below is a list of the communities that participated in the 2012 PURE Mile:

Aughrim Pure Mile, Ballymanus Pure Mile, Blainroe Pure Mile, Brittas Pure Mile, Conary Pure Mile, Crossbridge Pure Mile, Derralossary Old Town Pure Mile, Kilcoole Mass Path Pure Mile, Killinure Pure Mile, The Wicklow Head Pure Mile, Rathdangan/Cornan Pure Mile, Rathdrum Mill Walk Pure Mile, Woodenbridge Pure Mile

2011 PURE Mile Awards

The Best PURE Mile: The Old Road PURE Mile (Mullinacuffe – Stranakelly – Ballynultagh).

Best PURE Mile Photograph: Askanagap PURE Mile

Best Litter Free Award: Rathdangan PURE Mile

Best Education Award: Blessington Community College

Best Natural Heritage Award: The Knockatemple (Roundwood) PURE Mile

Best Built Heritage Award: Newcastle PURE Mile

Best Community Effort Award: Askanagap PURE Mile

Below is a list of the communities that participated in the 2011 PURE Mile:

Avondale Pure Mile, Askanagap Pure Mile, The Old Road Pure Mile (Mullinacuffe – Stranakelly – Ballynultagh), Blessington Community College Pure Mile, Dunlavin Pure Mile, Hillbrook Pure Mile, Knockatemple Pure Mile, Newcastle Pure Mile, Rathdangan Pure Mile, Tuckmill Pure Mile, The Old Village Rathnew Pure Mile

The 2010 PURE Mile Awards

The Best Pure Mile: The Lacey Brothers PURE Mile (Ballinglen)

Best Litter Free Award: The Vartry PURE Mile (Roundwood)

Best Heritage/Education Award: Avondale Community College

Best Natural Heritage Award: The Vartry PURE Mile (Roundwood)

Best Community Effort Award: The Lacey Brothers PURE Mile (Ballinglen)

Below is a list of the communities that participated in the 2010 PURE Mile:

The Lacey Brothers PURE Mile (Ballinglen), The Vartry PURE Mile (Roundwood), Avondale Community College (Rathdrum), Newtown PURE Mile, Rathdangan PURE Mile