Pure Music

Pure Music Environmental Training Programme – creating environmental awareness through music


Pure Animation

Pure Animation is a two week environmental animation training programme for teenagers


Pure Education

Pure Primary Schools Teachers’ Pack provides teachers with a user-friendly environmental teaching programme.



Pure Theatre

Introducing students/participants to important environmental issues that are related to the Pure Project



Illegal Dumping/Flytipping in the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands

Pure (Protecting Uplands & Rural Environments) is an environmental project established to combat the increase of illegal dumping/fly-tipping in the Wicklow/Dublin uplands and was officially launched in September 2006.

Illegal dumping in the landscape is cause for serious concern and a growing problem for many communities. Dumping is illegal, unsightly and unnecessary, causing serious problems to habitats, species, and human health. It pollutes our water courses, damages soil nutrients, encroaches on habitat space, kills insects and animals, and is a threat to both the people who live in the area and recreational users.

Amount of illegal dumping collected by the Pure Truck from 2007 – 2023


Pure has an extensive collection of images of the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands. All images are copyright of Pure

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