Mason Phelps: Private Eye (Pure South Animation 2013)
A suspicious crime has gone down by the old graveyard, and it’s up to Mason Phelps to outmanoeuvre the suspects and get to the bottom of this awful mess.

MC Tra$h: Transformation Revelation (Pure South Animation 2013) – Winner of Best Animation at the First Cut Youth Film Festival 2014
While cooking a nice organic broth, Rita Red Eye the Witch is shaken up by MC Tra$h and his wasteful ways. Now it’s time for her to show him how it feels to be dumped on.

Dumbo Dyson (Pure Wicked 2012)
As a mad scientist comes face to face with his carelessness, he realises pollution really does suck!

Bog Standard (Pure Wicked 2012)
Winner of 2014 Brownbag Award at the Fresh Film Festival – Winner of Best Film in the Under 18’s Category at the 2013 Blackrock Animation Film Festival
While breaking ground on a new landfill, something ancient is awoken, and wants revenge!

Super Hog (Pure Wicked 2012)
When a mild mannered hedgehog is transformed by pollution into Super Hog, he puts his unreal powers to good use!

Rumble Outside The Jungle (Pure Wicked 2012)
The fish aren’t biting in Bangladesh, so Tiger decides for a change of scenery. Let’s hope he has better luck in Wicklow!

A Bob from the Past (Pure Animation 2012) 
Nominated Best Film at the Green-Go-Film Festival in Budapest
Struck ill by polluted water, Bob must come to terms with what seems an uncertain future…

Rubbish Express (Pure Animation 2012)
Winner of Best Film in the 12 to 18 Years Category at the 2012 Blackrock Animation Film Festival
Strange little green men have come up with a novel solution to their rubbish problem – Dump it on Earth!

RE-BOOT (Pure Animation 2012)
Special Mention at the 2013 Fresh Film Festival
One man’s careless actions cause a global catastrophe. Is there any hope of a second chance?

Nuclear Winter (Pure Animation 2012)
2014 Brownbag Award at the Fresh Film Festival
A ship dumps its cargo of nuclear waste in the Arctic, stirring something strange up from the depths…

Sheep & Wolf (Pure Wicked 2011)
All is peaceful in Sheep’s meadow, until Wolf arrives and everything changes. Made using fabric pipe cleaners and a variety of recycled materials, this story deals with the issue of pollution and contamination of the water and how it affects the ecology.

Bindeavour (Pure Wicked 2011)
Bindeavor deals with our expanding pollution problem; set in the future it shows outer space as a potential new environment for people to pollute, and its possible affect on our own planet. This film is animated using recycled materials in a flat cut-out style.

Welcome to Earth (Pure Wicked 2011)
Three aliens who visited earth for their holidays in the past return to find that not is all as it was. The earth has changed since they’ve been away. The aliens are all made out of plasticine and their spaceship in made out of cardboard, plastic, tinfoil and fabric. The environments where created by used sandpaper, cardboard and lots of recycled material.

Monster Problem (Pure Wicked 2011)
A truck dumps some rubbish in the woodlands, but this rubbish is different and now we have a Monster Problem!
Made using a combination of bin bags cardboard tinfoil and fabric, this film tells the story of how illegal dumping can adversely affect nature.

Something Fishy (Pure Wicked 2011)
A tale of a little hermit crab. A crab thinks he’s found a novel way to improve his shell… recycling.
The main characters are made out of plasticine and scraps of fabric. The backgrounds are composed of different materials including paper, cardboard, bubble-wrap and fabric.

The Smalls (Pure Wicked 2011)
The Smalls is an experimental short film dealing with the environmental themes of littering and its contribution to air pollution. The methods used are a mix of pixilation (used to illustrate the hand of man and its impact on the environment) and cut-out animation with recycled materials.